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Earn Fortune Points ($FP) as you discover clues, solve puzzles, and interact with story characters.

Become immersed in a suspenseful, developing storyline, created in real-time by a bestselling writer who has worked on multiple Marvel properties, including Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man. Your actions will shape the narrative!

Spend your $FP in our store packed with NFTs, merch, powerups, and IRL products.

Fortune! Alpha Dashboard

A cookie cutter guide to Alpha in the NFT galaxy, with a simplified format with easy to read aggregated data & breakdowns. Built for professionals by professionals.

Fortune! Vault

Inside lies the collected value available to players at the end of the Season 1. The Fortune! Vault will accumulate and grow as the season progresses, drawing its valuable contents from the Dev Team and the Community, and will consist of in-game currency, NFTs, fiat, crypto, merchandise, and IRL products.


Collect and enhance your Fortune Hunter and your Crew. You're going to need them! Gather equipment packs to sustain them during the journey ahead.


In the Fortune! Metaverse, you and your crew will experience the adventure of a lifetime! Battle NPCs, wildlife, and rival Fortune Hunters to capture Vault Keys in a high-risk/high-reward MMORPG environment. Fortune favors the bold!

Team Up

Team up with friends to enjoy earning and burning rate bonuses! Coordinate your strategy to maximize your chance to earn!


At the end of the season, return to the Researchers HQ to reap your rewards. Turn in your Vault Keys for bags of crypto, highly sought after NFTs, valuable merch, in-demand IRL products, and so much more!

Our Team


Peter Sinkevich

Multi-exited startup founder and investor, lover of science fiction, auto racing, architecture and music


David Liss

Narrative Designer
International bestselling novelist, creator of comics and games, consumer of narrative in all media, happiest when spending time with animals


Artem Dmitriev

Full Stack Dev
Startup-minded engineer with entrepreneurial ambitions


Giordan Bueno

Head of Design
Artist and designer, unintentionally shy, love mystery, speculative science and space


Alec Zurilgen

Challenge Master
A traveler and a gamer, with a lot of hobbies, whose major passion is blending ludology and outdoor adventure with education



The biggest fan of the NFT space. Always chill, calm and hungry


Alex Lue

Lead Moderator
Loves hard rock and metal , gamer at heart , hates avocados


Anastasia Schatskaya

Frontend Dev
Lover of traveling, exploring amazing places, museums and parks. The sun and beauty are my source of energy☀️


David Hughes

He's been in the space since early 2020, he's an all around crypto enthusiast with a love for riddles and mystery


Michael Isbell

Discord Dev
Digital Creator & Singer-Songwriter, someone who never turns down the chance to learn a new skill


Aja Freitas

Human Resources
History obsessed . Lover of animals. Mama to one gorgeous 2 year old and 3 rescue pitbulls. Slightly dramatic music enthusiast. The Strokes - then, now, always

Our team has worked with giants like:


How can we help you?

Access Passes are FREE MINTS utilized for gaining secured access to the Fortune! Discord Server whereas the EAKs are our collection of 3,900 keys starting at 0.5 ETH for premium utilities and entry into our #ETH giveaway.
Our Series Access Passes are the Free Mint NFTs that we use to verify the Fortune! Server entry to ensure a smooth, reliable, and easy to use gateway that allows members to converse and interact without the pressure and stress of bots and malicious users.
The Early Access Key, or “ EAK”, is our premium rewards token for those who support the Fortune! project at the beginning. It will unlock your entry to the #ETH as well as many other utilities in our P2E Video Game, more details can be found here:
There is an INFINITE supply on our Series Access Passes, however each Series will have a limit to how there will be made available for that active edition.
There are a total of 3,900 Early Access Keys (EAKs) available for the public to mint, with 100 retained in the developer wallet.
The price for minting the EAK in the first phase is 0.5 ETH to reward our early supporters with a cheaper entry point into our #ETH giveaway and other utilities!
The ONLY place you should ever mint a fresh Fortune! NFT is right here on our official website at which we set up with painstaking care and detail to keep your utmost security at the forefront of our focus.
We have limited the Series Access Pass NFTs to one per user per Series using our secure thumbprint system to allow members to mint a full set of cards if they have been here from the beginning, but leaving the collection open for its intended use as a secure access gating system for our Discord Server.
The art for both the Fortune! Series Access Passes and the Early Access Keys (EAKs) is set to automatically reveal immediately on mint!
Currently there is a maximum of 1 mint per wallet/user for all the Fortune! Collections on initial mint to encourage genuine diverse growth and open the door for secondary sales on OpenSea for those interested in obtaining multiple pieces.

The #ETH raffle giveaways will take place each Thursday’s From The Vault Twitter Space which aires at 8:45pm EDT (UTC -4)

The best place to stay in touch with Fortune! is to utilize your Fortune! Series Access Pass to gain entry to our Discord Server. This is where all the latest information happens in real time. Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter at @FortuneP2E where we post frequent updates and information for our community.