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"Home of the Personally Customizable NFT"

"Home of the Personally Customizable NFT"

Training & Earn $FP

Exclusive training and challenge system in Discord

Simultaneously earn $FP than can be exchanged for real world rewards

Must have “Fortune Hunter” role in Discord to be able to Allowlist & Mint

The ONLY guaranteed Whitelist in the project for the Fortune Hunter NFT coming after the EAK

Exclusive Access to the Fortune Hunters Alpha Club & custom tools

Exclusive head start in the Fortune! P2E metaverse (tentatively Sandbox)

1 out of every 4 EAKs minted (on average) will be airdropped a special UNICEF Equipment Pack NFT randomly

Numerous exclusive airdrops including the Community DAO NFT later in Season 1

Future rewards in future Fortune! Seasons