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The Fortune Alpha Club is available ONLY to holders of our Early Access Key NFT (EAK).

Comes with exclusive access to our proprietary Alpha Club Dashboard, which helps you make more informed NFT investment decisions and connect with the community.

Coming SEPTEMBER 2022

Fortune! Alpha Dashboard

A cookie cutter guide to Alpha in the NFT galaxy, with a simplified format with easy-to-read aggregated data & breakdowns.  Built for professionals by professionals.

Investing in NFTs is hard – you need numerous data sources and websites open simultaneously while keeping an eye on key metrics to make de-risked and high-quality NFT investment decisions.  Fortune! Alpha Club Dashboard (ACD) brings all these resources together in one location alongside community chat where callers and members can mingle and discuss opportunities.

Calling All Alpha Callers!

In the search for the most performant Alpha, Fortune! has an Open Roster of Alpha Callers in our Alpha Club.  On a streak?  You will stick around.  Fall in rankings?  See ya.  Apply and if accepted, you will be airdropped a Shot Caller NFT customized with your PFP which you will use for access.  Once in, start building your reputation as one of the best Alpha Callers in the space.

Key Features

Potential Allowlist Access

Aggregated Data

Real-time calls from Alpha Team
+ direct access to discuss those calls in chat